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Ceremony is a practice of the rite of passage from one condition to another that recognizes and honors change and flow of giving and receiving. As a officiant and ceremonialist I inspire joy through rites of passage, life transitional occasions, stimulating and enhancing positive energy flow.

Life Coaching is a collaborative journey between a guide and adventurer to reach the life treasures desired. As “The Go Shining Coach” I am a guide to authentic happiness. If that is the journey you desire to be on, I am a seasoned guide.

Are you a happy person? If so, keep doing what you’re doing. If not, do you want to be happy? If no, keep doing what you’re doing. If yes, are you willing to change something? If no, then you do not REALLY want to be happy! If yes, then learn what and how to change to grow the happiness you desire! Continue reading!

The truth is that I have gone from misery to happiness…in fact, I wrote a book about that journey, and consequently, titled it From Misery to Happiness…How to Become Authentically Happy and Make the World a Happier Place.

After writing the book I realized that what I want to do at this stage of my life is to guide others like you who desire a truly happy life. What I know how to do is to help you through your barriers to an intrinsic happiness that does not depend on any outside stimulus to create or sustain it…but, instead, is wired directly to your own internal operating system which is regulated solely by you.   Showing you how to grow the 4 Virtues (Acceptance, Gratitude, Constructive Attention, and Love) within your very essence is my passion.

Can you think of anything more wonderful than helping someone to become genuinely happy… besides being intrinsically happy yourself? I can’t.

You do not have to wait to be happy, contact me and let the journey begin!

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Books are to educate, enjoy and enhance! Authors draw pictures with words to entertain, edify and enrich! These are the qualities From Misery to Happiness strives to give to its readers.

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