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At one time I thought that being on a journey of self-exploration was self-indulgent. Now I know it is probably the most challenging mission I have ever embarked on. It is arduous and never-ending. Learning about me is a way of learning about you and all my relations. It is also true that as I learn to look and see things in you and in all that is around me, I learn to see more about me. This is the reflective journey… It is the path of the Circle of Life that takes you to the deeper journey within…It is an interconnecting experience.

During this adventure in self-discovery my eyes were opened and I was inspired to practice what I call the 4 Virtues of Happiness which spurred my growth … and led me onto the perpetual path of authentic happiness and eventually to writing From Misery to Happiness.

Here are the 4 Virtues that are reflected upon in From Misery to Happiness –

Acceptance: Everything is what it is! No one can change another! So it is!

Gratitude: Filling your heart with splendid thoughts of people, places, and things that touch your life and when the heart is full, sharing the overflow!

Constructive Attention: What you choose to look at and how you perceive it is what you manifest and how you manifest it in your life.

Love: A pure goodness expressed, in a supportive smile, in a compassionate touch, in kind words…It is heartfelt caring, mindful consideration, and soulful sharing.

To learn more about the 4 Virtues and how to grow them in your life read From Misery to Happiness and/or email me at cmberryshines@gmail.com for a free 15-30 minute consultation.

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