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Inspiring Authentically Happy Lives

Coaching is a series of conversations that get you from where you are to where you want to be. It helps you focus on what’s important to you, what your goals are, and how to take steps to reach those goals.

You can experience the benefits of coaching with Carolyn, “The Go Shining Coach” in confidential one-to-one sessions and/or in impactful group workshops and special events.

I will – Coach: Teach or Train

I will – Guide: Show the way to the targeted destination… steer the course

I will – Support: Give encouragement…foster your progress

We will – Engage: Be intensely involved in our work

We will – Collaborate: Work together as a team

You will – Learn: Study… gather and absorb information…discover

You will – Flourish: Experience enthusiastic involvement…serve a larger purpose… be on a journey that creates your desired changes and goals and embraces essential meaning

As “The Go Shining Coach”, I will:

• Guide you through the steps to becoming an authentically happy person.

• Help you grow positive habits to change your outlook and the way you experience people, places and things in your life

• Show you how to positively affect the lives of those around you.

• Inspire you to build upbeat energy within and around you.

By developing a deep understanding of how to grow and integrate Authentic Happiness into your own life — by living a life of happiness, engagement, and deep meaning, you will come to know that you are the shining star of your live and that the way you shine is a happy positive model for your loved ones, colleagues, and people passing through — those around you!

You can stop just wishing that you were happy and actually be happy!

Whether you’re an individual wanting to shine your life with positive changes or an organization wanting to put more joy into the lives of your members or employees that will positively impact interactions and your environment, contact Carolyn, “The Go Shining Coach,”, to see how happiness coaching can bring about the changes you desire.


I met Carolyn by chance about 10 years ago – she was recommended to me and I decided to give her a buzz as a last-ditch effort to find a good therapist. I’d had some very disappointing experiences prior. From the moment she took that first phone call – I knew my life would change for the better if I decided to pursue therapy with her. She listened. She was compassionate. She was, for me, truth.

I felt lost and in the midst of a crisis that day – and we spoke for at least a half hour. I decided to move forward, of course. Over the years Carolyn has seen me through so many iterations, identities, careers; relationships- I cannot even count. I’ve been a secretary, a graduate student, a lost and depressed soul; a hopeless romantic, a researcher, a singer; a triumphant and tenacious woman. Through it all, Carolyn has been my cheerleader and my guide. Without her I could not have persisted.

Really – every piece of wisdom that she has shared with me is priceless (whether or not I wanted to listen at the time it was given). As a therapist and now life-coach, Carolyn helped me change my own life for the better, step by step.

I cannot recommend her more highly. She has lived through tough times herself and come out on the other end – so who better to guide you than someone with such love, empathy, deep understanding and experience?

Carolyn is an angel in my life…Guiding me toward a happier, more balanced way of living. In the past, my life’s path was littered with “not good enough” thinking. Thanks to Carolyn’s gentle guidance, I’m learning to be comfortable with me. – Edith

Carolyn has been a true blessing for me, and by extension for my family. Her gentle guidance and teaching has had a powerful and positive impact in many areas – from family relationships to finances – and everything in between. She is a coach, a teacher, and a trusted friend. -Tom

Legal Disclaimer:

The Go Shining Coach offers personal coaching to individuals, groups and companies. The client recognizes that Life Coaching is not a substitute for treatment provided by a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist or Psychotherapist, nor is it intended to be. I exercise my best professional training, skills and intuition to help the client reach their professed goals, including how to become authentically happy. Options are often explored in coaching sessions and the client understands that they take full responsibility for any and all choices that they make. As a courtesy, I may also recommend other sites and books. It is the responsibility of the client to make their own decision about the accuracy of information of those sites in addition to any privacy policies. The client also waives and releases any claims to the full extent permitted by law from all and any claims. The client enters into coaching with full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results.

Carolyn M Berry, MA
The Go Shining Coach