“Thank you for the opportunity to be authentic. It touched me personally - to the core!”

“As soon as Carolyn gathered us together and began talking to us in her thoughtful and thought-provoking way, I realized I was in the presence of someone with wisdom, honesty, love and genuine happiness to share.”

 “I most enjoyed the acceptance, trust and valuable information I received so authentically - it was beautiful!”

"The experience for me was eye opening and I found there were things I needed to do within myself to increase my personal happiness and I am grateful for this opportunity.  It is obvious that Carolyn is Happy on Life and she definitely knows how to pass it forward."   

"Carolyn was so perceptive. I was so amazed at how with warmth and a smile she was able to affect each person individually."  

"As soon as Carolyn gathered us together and began talking to us in her thoughtful and thought-provoking way, I realized I was in the presence of someone with wisdom, honesty, love and genuine Happiness to share." 

"The format was informal, yet organized and purposeful. She created an atmosphere that was intimate, relaxed and safe - yet the ideas she created discussions around stretched my thought in new directions. I was impressed by her ability to facilitate the group, keeping us focused on meaningful discourse and fostering candor and openness."

"By the end I felt more equipped and empowered. I have more tools in my toolbox for living a life full of sustainable happiness!"

Single Occupancy:   $845 before April 1, 2020 

                                   $895 April 1, 2020 and after

Double Occupancy:  $700 per person before April 1, 2020

                                     $750 per person April 1, 2020 and after

Prices include: Lodging at The Whidbey Institute, Scrumptious Meals;

and a profound experience into the world of Divine Happiness.

Note: Single room occupancy is limited, only six available.

The idyllic, pastoral setting of The Institute will play an important role in this journey to inner happiness. Its calm, inviting energy sets the tone for an inner journey in the forest labyrinth as well as pipe ceremony around the hilltop fire pit.

                             The Whidbey Institute - Whidbey Island, WA
    This life changing 3 day, 2 night retreat at the spectacular Whidbey Institute is all inclusive.

When we find the path to our inner happiness we are on the path to our authentic self, to our own empowerment. You can expect to leave this retreat with a new sense of your true self and real world tools for the continued growth of an inner joy not contingent on outside circumstances. 

For other activities such as meditation and mindfulness practices, we are blessed to have exclusive use of the sanctuary, a spectacularly serene space of calm energy.

Based on her book, From Misery to Happiness, Carolyn Berry, LMFT, and Micki O'Brien, will guide you on an experiential journey to inner happiness. By weaving together the practical and the spiritual with their skillful use of intuition, mindfulness, meditative and energy practices, Carolyn and Micki will clarify the often misunderstood cornerstones of acceptance, gratitude, constructive attention and love. 

Carolyn Berry is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, author, speaker, life coach and Spiritual Guide.

Micki O’Brien, M.A., has spent the past 20 years engaged in contemplative practice, including both teaching and writing from a spiritual place, and supporting individuals of all ages in using their uniqueness well. As a Greatness Teacher and Coach, she sees the best in each person and situation, and empowers others in doing the same.

Her signature talk, “What if That’s a Superpower,” about recognizing that our perceived weaknesses can actually point to our strengths, was a precursor to the Divine Happiness experience she’ll be facilitating, “Happy HERE: The Human Place Between Heaven and Earth.”

In addition, she manages transformational events for spiritual teachers and visionaries.

She has a TEDx talk on creating a “new normal” that includes people who are currently labeled neurodivergent, and a documentary on YouTube titled, “Autism, Love, and Learning.”

Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mickiobrien/

Or Facebook: @MickiOBrienUnique

You’ll stay in the charming Cabin Village reserved exclusively for this event. Organic meals and snacks are provided by The Whidbey Institutes private chef, sourced daily from their own extensive gardens and local island farms.

Inspiring Authentically Happy Lives

© 2019, Carolyn Berry, All Rights Reserved

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You will learn:

* Happiness is a living truth, not a vague theory                         * Happiness is a positive connector

* Happiness is a process, not a destination                                  * Happiness is a divine gift of the soul

* Happiness is powerful                                                                   * Happiness is healthy and infectious